An Eventful Birthday Weekend

14 Apr

I have had a very busy birthday weekend, and I wouldn’t have it any other way :)

On Friday night, friends and family came out to watch some gory body horror shorts, all to support me. They did an amazing job, because at the end of the night, Lonely Ninja won Best Film at Mascara & Popcorn’s Body Horror Contest :) Horror and gore may not be my favorite genre, but I had an amazing time filming both shorts, and am so grateful for the opportunity. I met some awesome people and created some genuine, incredible contacts. Looking forward to what comes next :)


On Saturday, I filmed a short called No One Loves Me Like I Do. It is a student film, but the footage I saw looked really cool. To prove a teacher wrong, our fearless director/writer/camera man decided to film the entire scene in one shot, so it took quite a few rehearsals, and then we had to restart from the beginning whenever something wasn’t perfect. It definitely put my theater and improv experience to good use, and was so much fun to do. I can’t wait to see the finished product and share it with all of you!

Sunday, I got to make my cake, because eating the batter is kind of the best part. Then I had two auditions to get to, one for a webseries, and the other for a short with the potential to become more. I actually had to sign a confidentiality thing for one of them, so I won’t be revealing more about the projects, but I think the auditions went okay. The first one was actually going really well, until I started talking like I was making a speech to a crowd instead of into a PA system, like the script implied. Blame it on too much Dale Carnegie and not enough auditions lately. I’m thinking they either saw it as me being completely unintimidated by the crowd of people watching me audition, or as being way too inexperienced. Only time will tell, and luckily, I hope to be auditioning and working more in the next few weeks :)

I am so excited about the second audition that I don’t want to jinx anything or hinder my chances. I love the idea for the project, the writing is good, I really like the characters, the people in charge are so nice… I think the audition went pretty great, except for a little part that I could have done differently/better. We also got to talk more about the project and other films in its genre and it all just made me want to be a part of the project even more. I am thinking positive thoughts and keeping my fingers crossed :)

Today it was back to my day job, which is pretty awesome, since it also involves acting. Although I vary between moments of optimism for my career, and moments when I feel like I need to find a Plan B, right now, life is looking pretty good :)


“There are people who never make mistakes because they never try to do anything.”

-From my grandfather’s birthday letter to me <3

And now I’m 24…

11 Apr

Hey everyone! Today, my age is important, not so much because it is my birthday, but because it means I only have a year left to complete my list of 25 Things To Do Before I Turn 25. Here’s how I am doing on that:


1.Have an imdb page with a credit  :)

As of a few months ago, I have an imdb page with 2 credits, and I believe more to come. If your haven’t checked it out yet, you can visit:

2.Become a member of ACTRA

Still working on this one. I have enough background credits to be an ACTRA background perfermer, but then I would not be able to participate in any non-union projects, which make up the entirety of my repertoire. So, I will wait until I get an upgrade, or win a role that gets me into the union, so I will have a nice body of work behind me when the time comes.

3.Replace all high school and CEGEP credits on my CV

I am definitely getting close, and could remove my CEGEP credit, but it is the only theater credit I currently have, which is why I am keeping it. I am not necessarily aiming for a career on the stage, but I have found that having it on the resume shows that I have stage experience, which translates into film. So, until I have an overwhelming amount of leading film roles, or get a new theater credit, the CEGEP one stays. I guess that means I need to get busy or get on the stage in the next year!

4. Get my website up and running :)

After much debate, I kept my blog as my website, adding headshots, my CV and some videos to it. You can get here by the blog link, and also links here. Just need to figure out how to get one of those link buttons for my imdb page :)

5. Get to my goal weight (Be healthy)

Almost there :)

6.Finish writing a book

I hate to admit that I have been letting the book slide, in favor of writing short screenplays. Regardless, the book is on my resolutions for this year, so I will have it done by December 31st!

7. Get a paid acting job  :)

As previously mentionned, I filmed a short in February that was paid, which was incredibly exciting, not just for the money, but mostly for what it means, and how it validates me as an actress. In addition, this summer I will be filming a feature for which I have an offer and is also paid. Things are looking up and I am so excited!

8. Make a demo reel :)

From the scenes I have, I have created a demo reel for myself. Most of it is from classes or the 48 Hour Film Festival short I did years ago, but I should be getting a lot more recent footage in the coming months, so I will work on updating it and improving it until it is so good that I want to post it for the world to see!

9. Get an agent :)

This is a tough one, because I did complete it, but then we parted ways. So, it is checked off, but I am still agentless. I sent out my package on Monday, but most agents are looking for union members. I believe it will be a snowball effect, for the ACTRA and the agent, as in once I get one, the other will not be far behind.

10. Take a voice/diction class :)

Check :) Julia Lenardon was amazing, and I am much more conscious of how I speak. Vocal exercises are now a part of my audition and class prep, which my dad finds hilarious. Next, I would like to take classes to master a British accent, or Southern U.S. 

11. Do a role with an accent (can be for Tom Todoroff or Suzanna, student film, etc) :)

I had originally put this because I wanted to do a role with a british accent, but instead I did multiple roles in class where I had to have a Southern accent, as well as an audition with a British accent. However, if I had gotten the part, or for any future role that isn’t for class, I would definitely go see a voice coach so as not to massacre an accent.

12. Be on Being Human

Unfortunately, Being Human’s series finale aired last Monday, so this will not be happening. I could cross it off the list and admit defeat, because it kind of is, but that wouldn’t get me anywhere. So, new goal is to be on a show that films here in Montreal, or in Toronto. Reign would be awesome, but Helix or any show would be amazing as well :)

13. Go to a gun range and learn how to shoot :)

I did not go to a gun range, but as you know if you follow the blog, I went shooting with Michael and Sarah last summer, which was a whole lot of fun, and something I would definitely like to do again :) 


14. Complete Tough Mudder

July 12th 2014. I am registered and am not letting a workshop get in my way. Unless there is a paying part on that day, I will do Tough Mudder with Beauties and the Beasts :)

15. Fall In Love  <3

Any takers?

16. Finish the stunt class

This one is still scary, because the class is kind of intense. The new session starts this week, but with Dale Carnegie, I may have to wait until a possible summer session, or join in the fall. We shall see!

17. Visit a country I have never been to

I have this one slotted for January 2015. Grenada maybe?

18. Wait Tables :)

Tonight, Lonely Ninja will be one of the shorts in the Body Horror Film Contest. In it, I play a waitress who encounters said Ninja. I won’t spoil the ending again, but I did wait tables.

19. Quit my day job :)

As of last June, I no longer work at the campground, and just a few months after that, I started working as a standardized patient for McGill. I have had multiple ultrasounds, played a multitude of patients, met incredible people and had an amazing time. Very happy with this decision :)

20. Go Scuba Diving

Apparently, some scuba diving instructors would much rather you never learn how to scuba dive, so this will have to wait for my next trip. 

21. Re-become fluent in Spanish

This was a silly one because re-become implies that I only need to get back to the level of fluency that I had. I practiced while in Punta Cana, and have watched a few Spanish movies or TV shows, but this is definitely something I need to work on.

22. Spend a Weekend with Friends in Vegas

The opportunity has yet to present itself, but if by next April I haven’t done it, we will head to Vegas for my 25th birthday.

23. Go on a Road Trip

It kills me that I have no plans for this yet, but with most of my friends having actual jobs, leaving for 3 weeks to a month is not something they can do. For now, it looks like my road trip will come once one of my projects gets into a film festival that is road trip distance away, or if we do a TT Summer Intensive this summer in New York. But I still have my fingers crossed for the road trip to New Orleans :)

24. Do Insanity

I have it on a USB, and have done one here and there, but definitely need to get a move on actually sticking to it and completing it. It is just so much easier to get on the elliptical instead of hooking up a laptop and what not. 

25. Learn how to dance

Ballet classes start in September :)

So, I have 10 done out of 25. That’s 15 left in 12 months, but I have most of them figured out, and the others, I am doing everything I can to make them happen. I should have a lot of them done by July, when I do Tough Mudder, and the trips are mostly planned out. It is the ACTRA that I have the least control over, but my fingers are crossed and I am working on it.


As for my past week, it seems the universe wanted to make up for my cancelling auditions and work by having auditions and workshops reschedule on me. I did get to do a rehearsal yesterday for the short we will be filming tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it, and it is going to be shot in one take, which will definitely be a challenge.

Tonight, I am off to Mascara & Pocorn’s Body Horror Film Contest. Hope to see you there :)




Back for Visions

2 Apr

It’s good to be back. And no, I am not talking about the lovely getaway to Quebec City, but rather the throat/mouth infection that had me out of commission for the past week. Cancelled auditions, work and networking events were not so much fun, but sitting in bed doing nothing did give me a lot of time to think of all the things I really need to work on. Let’s just say I am very anxious to get back to the grind :)

Before my throat issues arose, I got to spend time at work with Montreal’s finest. Normally I am the wallflower who listens, maybe puts in a word or two before going back into my little eavesdropping bubble, but for once I joined in. We talked about TV shows, inspiring actors, the Oscars, struggles and limitations in acting. And although I am not happy that they have struggles, it made me feel like we were all in the same boat. And actors and TV shows are totally my forte ;)


Then, a few days later, I got to be an extra on Sex & Ethnicity, a webseries written and created by Michaela Di Cesare, the girl whose play I had the pleasure of seeing a few weeks ago. It is an ACTRA MIP (Member Initiated Project) which means the cast can only be members of ACTRA, and they don’t have the power to give you credits. Still, I had a really fun time being an extra, the food was yummy, the people were super nice and I got some spoilers for the rest of the season. I’ll let you guys know how you can watch it once it comes out, not because I think you’ll actually see me much, but because it looks like it will be an awesome webseries, and we should support our Montreal talent :)

I also finished another potential script for a short. It is really short, but I figure I shouldn’t be overly ambitious for my first attempt. I am still waiting for some other opinions, and then I might start working on getting it made! Unless of course I get so busy with auditions and roles that other people give me. So far I still have ample time to work on it, but things are getting busier. Last year I could have gone weeks being sick in bed without it making a difference for my career, but last week I was benched for less than a week and had to miss out on an audition, a Booze & Schmooze event and a super interesting day at McGill. I already have another audition this week, an auditioning workshop on Sunday, and through the magic of making friends, I quite possibly have a role in a really interesting short. Dale Carnegie would be proud (or at least my coaches)!

Speaking of the Dale Carnegie classes, we have been doing a lot of speeches lately, which doesn’t really scare me so much anymore, but yesterday we had to write a midway assessment, to see how we are doing. One of the questions was asking us to ask them for help. My first thought was that they couldn’t help me get an agent or join ACTRA or anything like that, but I decided to hold myself accountable. Instead of just winging it and writing a standard cover letter for agent submissions, I asked if I could write a draft and have them help me edit it so it emcompasses the Dale Carnegie principles. Not sure how much of an affect this will have on actually getting me an agent, but it definitely can’t hurt, and who knows, maybe it will all work out this time. We also have to write down a vision of us in 3 to 6 months, and mine wasn’t specific enough, so I have to envision myself at a moment in time in the future where at least some of my dreams have come true. I don’t want to overshoot and be disappointed, but at the same time, this is my vision, so why not go all the way?

“Sometimes I can hear my bones straining under the weight of all the lives I’m not living.”

-Jonathan Safran Foer

Inspired :)

18 Mar


Another pretty exciting week for me. This is becoming a trend that I would definitely like to keep going :) Before getting into the acting, I just thought I’d mention that I decided not to be a flight attendant. Seeing in the world is definitely way up there on my bucket list, but I will hopefully get to see it while filming movies in exotic locations, and when I take my family on vacations once this whole acting thing works out ;)

As for my two #100days goals, I am slowly but surely making progress. For the agent, I have updated my resume to include the new projects I have been in this year, and decided to wait on getting new headshots. I need to figure out if I am going to be chopping my hair off again soon, or if I will be keeping it long. As far as working on the short I will potentially be filming this summer, I have hit a snag. The script I finished in December is 40 pages, which is too long to get into most short film festivals, but I can’t cut it down without losing everything that I love about it. My best best would maybe be to turn it into a full length feature, but I think it might be slightly overly ambitious for my first endeavor to be a full length feature. That’s why I have been working on other potential shorts, which are either just 5 pages, or I stop myself at 20 when there is still so much left to say. I think I have to print them all out and get some advice on which one is most feasible. In the meantime, I’ll just keep writing stories :)

In last week’s Dale Carnegie class, we learnt tricks to remember people’s names. They definitely worked, but once I know a name, I don’t really have trouble remembering it. My issue lies with using the names that I know. Part of me is afraid of using the name of someone who doesn’t think I should know their name, because it is super awkward when I learn someone’s name without necessarily being introduced to them. And the other part of me didn’t really seeing the point in using the name when simply saying hello with a smile was working (remember, this is because I am shy, not lazy). I used the past tense in that sentence because I recently started paying attention to how others interact with me. It isn’t everyone who uses my name in conversation, but it is true that when they do, I feel a little special. I usually assume that people don’t bother to remember my name, but when they say “Good Morning Amanda” to me at work, I feel important and valued, like I am worth remembering. I think just giving that feeling to someone else is reason enough to use names from now on.

On Thursday, Carolyne and I met up for coffees to celebrate the projects I have filmed so far this year, and we discussed our careers, upcoming projects…It feels like it had been forever since we had once of these meets, but they definitely make me feel so much more confident about my career choice, like I am maybe not crazy and having goals and a plan will make it all work out in the end. Or so I’d like to hope. After our coffees, we walked over to the theater to see the Veronica Mars movie. If you never watched the show, you probably don’t understand the hype. It was a WB show that only lasted 3 seasons. You could argue it is Veronica and Logan’s epic love story, the strong female lead, her being a teenage P.I., how they addressed darker issues than your average CW show…I can’t pinpoint it, but as soon as the movie started, even the recap got me smiling. The entire movie was amazing, with me often feeling like so much of the dialogue was an inside joke for us that the rest of the world wouldn’t understand. Like a love letter to the fans. We would laugh at these inside jokes we shared, then hush up to not miss a word from the conversation. It was better than I could have imagined, had an actual ending to satisfy the fans, but also left me wanting more. I got out of there wanting to watch it again. 


This love letter to the Veronica Mars movie has a point, I swear. People get into acting for different reasons. Some want the money and lifestyle. Others want the Oscar and recognition. Maybe some people just couldn’t decide on a career so decided to do it all. I am tempted by all of it, but now, more than anything, I want to be a part of something that is so beloved by fans that they would pay to have it made. I want to bring that joy and excitement to people.

I spent my Saturday updating my acting websites, doing my income taxes and waiting in the epic waiting room for comic con tickets, which I did not get, and then tried for Lana del Rey tickets, but they were sold out as well. It clearly was not my day for buying tickets, but for Comic con, there is always next year, and as Carolyne says, perhaps some day I will be invited instead :)

Yesterday I did a self-tape for something I first submitted to over a month ago. No word yet on whether I got the part, although they definitely liked my self-tape. It’s a project I am really excited about hopefully being a part of, because I would be playing a kickass, teenage superhero kind of character. Fingers crossed on that one. In the meantime, I got my offer for the movie I got the sides for last week. I still need to see the final script to officially accept the offer, but I cannot wait to read it and start filming :)

“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”
~ Greg Reid

Decisions, Decisions

11 Mar

I am really bad at making decisions. That isn’t to say that I make bad decisions. It just take me a really long time and I flip flop a lot before finally deciding. And even then, I’m never entirely sure I made the right choice. I mention this because I recently applied for a position as a flight attendant, and now that I have more information about the commitment it entails, I’m not so sure what I want to do anymore. Although the idea of being paid to fly around the world seems like a dream come true, I feel like it might be a step back from any progress I have been making as far as acting is concerned. Living in Toronto, where there are so many opportunities, also seems like it would be awesome, but would I have time to go on auditions? Could I find the time to film my short? Would I be able to put myself on avail or would I always be on-call? These are only a few of the million questions swirling around my brain. 

As for what has been going on this past week, I did not get the french part I auditioned for, but he did say I was an incredible actress and he would like to contact me once he has another project. This seems to be the standard response when being turned down for a part in a student film, but I choose to believe that he actually meant it.


Tuesday morning, I got an email from Suzanna, about one of her former students needing an actress for an indie feature. They needed a scene of my work or a demo reel, which I don’t have, so I hurried to my dad’s computer and fixed a scene from Proof to send in. Must have been okay, because I got an audition for Saturday morning :)

That evening, Dale Carnegie was cancelled, so I managed to get back into my class with Suzanna. It is a really good thing that I went, because it turned out just being me and one other person. I read for him, he read for me, and we did our scenes audition style sooo many times. I need to work on it taking me less takes to really get into it, but I think the last takes were pretty good, if I do say so myself. It was awesome to get to really work on them in depth, and we also got a lot of talking in as well :)


Speaking of Dale Carnegie, even though the class was cancelled, that doesn’t mean I have the week off. We have 3 books to get through during the course, and I have been doing a lot of reading! I have also been working on #100days. A lot of people have this thing about 100 days of happiness, but Bonnie Gillespie’s Bonblast suggested changing your life in 100 days, through a goal or something that you work on for a little over 3 months. It isn’t long enough to give up and get discouraged, but it is long enough to make a difference. I couldn’t decide on one, so I have two 100 day goals, with one being getting everything ready to film a short, and the other getting an agent. It might be tricky doing two at the same time, but whenever I want to procrastinate, I can just work on the other goal :) For this, I have been updating my CV, cutting scenes to make a demo, researching Montreal and Toronto agents, researching requirements for the festivals I would hope to enter, etc. So far I am still in the really excited phase, which I hope will last quite a long time!

On Saturday, my audition turned into a meeting, where the guy I submitted to literally sat down and told me about my part, the movie…I had to hide the perma-smile. Even more amazing was that since my scene I sent in was so awesome, he didn’t want to waste me on a non-speaking part, so I got home to an email saying I was upgraded to a speaking role, either a professor or a librarian or something. So excited!

On Sunday, I had an audition for a play, Brighella. It was not only an audition for theatre, which scares me, but it was for someone I know. So I obviously spent my morning trying to find a valid excuse not to go. It was then that I realized that if I was that terrified of doing something, then it was clearly something I should do. I am pretty sure they were only auditioning for one female part, so with everyone they had auditioning and my horrible italian-ish accent, I am not expecting anything, but I am still super proud of myself for ignoring the excuses I was giving myself as a way out, and actually going to audition, no matter how afraid I was. 

In other news        -my family and I all have our tickets to the Body Horror Film Festival, which you should all check out if you’re in town. 

                             -I have been watching Helix, which is pretty interesting, but oh-so-inspiring, due to all of the amazing Montreal talent I see on it. It is so exciting to see people you know and work with on TV, especially when it is well-deserved and well-done. So excited for all of them, and inspired for myself!

                            – Dale Carnegie is right about having a sincere interest in others. I don’t know if there is any correlation, but the producer from a short I was in posted on Facebook that he would be directing a feature this summer. I thought this was awesome and liked his post. He wrote me a message, sent me some sides and offered me a part. I hate networking, but I guess when there is genuine interest in the other person, amazing things may come of it :)

“Just do it.”



Just Keep Swimming

3 Mar

This has been a pretty busy week for me. Not even once did I get to stay home all day in my pjs :) I was a standardized patient for 3 days, getting lots of ultrasounds, so many that if ever a doctor was having trouble finding my gall bladder or my IVC, I could direct them right to it. I also know all kinds of medical facts that are slightly making me revert to my teenage dream of becoming a doctor…I’ll be fine once I join the cast of Grey’s Anatomy ;)

On Tuesday, Rikki and I had our first Dale Carnegie class, so we went out for dinner before meeting a bunch of interesting people, and learning some cool tips to better navigate networking. Since our grandfather wanted us to get the most out of it, we didn’t sit together, and when I found myself thinking ‘please don’t pick me, please don’t pick me’ I responded by standing up and volunteering for whatever it was. I guess it’s my own way of not letting my fears beat me, because I do whatever scares me instead of sitting there being afraid of it. Or at least that’s what I do when it comes to public speaking.

After class, we went out to celebrate our friends’ job interview. I normally don’t really like going out to bars, but we just sat at a table and talked for a couple of hours, which I thoroughly enjoyed.


On Thursday night, I went to see the play of a woman who used to be in my acting class. It was a one-woman show, so she was the only one on stage. The thought of this terrifies me, and I am so impressed that she could put on this show, about her life, where she is the only one talking. It was amazing, going from funny to sad to hilarious and even though I’m not Italian and have nowhere near her miraculous stories, I still related to a lot of it. I don’t know when it will next be showing, but if you have the chance to see 8 Ways My Mother Was Conceived, definitely go for it!


Friday I filmed a short for TVMcgill, the one I had auditioned for with a British Accent. I got the whole hair and makeup treatment, but I also looked too young I guess, so the makeup also made me look older and tired, which was really interesting every time I saw myself in a mirror. We weren’t a big team, but everyone there was really nice and fun, I loved the atmosphere on set, and I hope to get to work with them again some time. Not to mention, the short should be a part of the Fokus Film Festival, and if we remember, my goal now is to be in things that go to festivals. So it was a very happy and productive day :)

Saturday I had an audition for another student film, but this one was french. There wasn’t a lot of dialogue, so I was kind of worried I would be expected to do a monologue, because I only know English ones. Luckily, they actually need someone to live in the silences, so the audition had two scenes, one with dialogue and one without. I was slightly getting conflicting advice from the script, and from each of the guys there, but in the end, I think it went pretty well. Or at least I think one of the guys liked me and the other not so much. He plans on filming it this week, so I should know soon enough!

Yesterday, as most of you know, was the Oscars. I managed to see all of the best picture nominees, as well as the movies that had their directors or actors nominated. I think we all have our favorites, but the winners were well-deserved, and I think Ellen should host all of the Oscars from now on. She was hilarious without being offensive, she ordered pizza, and one of my life’s ambitions is now to be in that selfie, or you know, another one like it. Fingers crossed!

“No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid.”

-Lupita Nyong’o

Overwhelming Kindness

24 Feb


My heart is so full of love for everyone who is supporting me on this journey. I know I should stop being surprised about it, but I truly appreciate everyone who had been checking out my imdb page, reading my blog, and my entire family who are coming to the Body Horror Film Contest on April 11th to support me :)

My week has been pretty interesting as well. And I need to pay more attention when reading exciting emails. I didn’t get one of the parts I auditioned for last Friday, but I was the preferred candidate for the other one. Or so I read, without noticing that I was the preferred candidate not for the role I auditioned for, but for the nurse, who is SOC (silent on camera). I am still really excited, because in theory it means I was the second best audition they saw (the nurse is the only other female character) but I wish I had taken note of that the first time I read the email instead of going around thinking I got the lead. Anyhow, still seeing the audition as a victory :)

On Tuesday and Thursday, I worked for McGill as a standardized patient. I am not always going to mention what goes on there, because it is often just run of the mill stuff, but this week, I had to kind of get out of my comfort zone. I was dressed up all gothic, with a whole lot of black makeup, and I had to be mean. Like sit there angrily and be completely unhelpful. The first day, I actually had to be told that I was being too nice and sharing too much. By the end of the first day, I got it, but I was just playing someone so removed from myself, that it took a while to figure out. On the plus side though, I have always been afraid of not being the nice one, of being mean, and at least in a make-believe capacity, I have handled it.

On Tuesday I had class with Suzanna, where I got to do a scene from Proof that I really love. It’s between sisters who see things very differently, and I just loved exploring that relationship. I was also really excited to work on a scene from Friends, when something completely crazy and amazing happened. My grandfather was talking to my cousin, who is currently looking for a job, and he decided he was going to send us to take Dale Carnegie courses. It was an offer we couldn’t refuse, although it starts Tuesday, which puts a damper on acting classes, but the things we learn in this course will be invaluable, and I am so grateful to my grandfather <3

On Saturday I had an audition for an independent feature that will be filmed this summer. I had to prepare a monologue, so I went with the one from Serendipity. I worked on it so much, picturing the moments and the hours she mentions, but I can’t remember if I used any of it during the actual audition. What I do remember is that I said ‘coincidences’ in a way that added 4 or 5 letters to the word. We did a cold reading of a scene from the script after, and although I think it went okay, I don’t think it went amazing. Like I am not holding my breath for the lead, but crossing my fingers for a supporting role.

After the audition, I went out to celebrate my best friend from high school’s birthday. I hadn’t seen her in a really long time, and didn’t actually know anyone other than her at first, but after a while, we all got to talking and I had a really good time. I still laughed and felt self-conscious when I told people I was an actress, but at the same time, I actually had projects I could mention when they asked me what I had been in lately. Nothing that they knew, of course, but at least I have been working on things and auditioning and getting to know other Montreal actors and I feel that even though it is such an unbelievably slow process, at least I am constantly moving forward and improving.

 “I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has had to overcome while trying to succeed.”

-Booker T. Washington 


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